Hello everyone! I’m Isabella and welcome to my humble little blog, the Avocardio Addict!

Basically, I made this blog because I just started college and kinda wanted to start a health/fitness/food blog so that I could have an outlet so that I could be creative and have a little bit of a break from my pre-med track (you’re looking at a future doctor here). I wanted a platform where I can share healthy recipes and workouts so that I can stay accountable for my weight loss journey (and to give me an excuse to cook healthier versions of meals that I really enjoy). But, I’m also just your regular old college kid, so I can’t not share college (read: dorm) friendly meals and other tips on how to stay healthy in college.

So, get ready to go on a health journey with me. And be sure to pop in every Monday and Friday for new blog posts!

In the meantime, here are some fun facts about me:

  1. I’m a bioinformatics major who is also on the pre-med track. I hope to become a kick butt doctor one day.
  2. I have been watching the Food Network for as long as I can remember. I used to watch Good Eats, Rachael Ray, and Ham on the Street (talk about a throwback) on the daily. Rachael Ray and Alton Brown were my role models (and they still are).
  3. I am obsessed with just about every doctor show out there. I watch Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago Med, Code Black, the Good Doctor (Freddie Highmore kills it in this show), House, and I even started Scrubs. I just get sucked into the medical drama world.
  4. I love to cook. I think this stems from my love of the Food Network. I love just taking random things and making a delicious dish. (Which is also why college is hard because I don’t have pots, pans, or a stocked kitchen to cook in…)
  5. I am a dog person, but I do respect cats and think I may actually get a cat from a shelter either this year or next because my friend and I would like a companion animal to help us through the roller coaster that is college.
  6. My favorite meal I have ever cooked is probably my potato hash. I don’t know why, but I make a really good potato hash and it’s not a really crazy or intricate recipe. I’m also a big fan of my salmon burgers (but my family doesn’t really like when I pull out the canned salmon).
  7. My favorite meal I have ever eaten is probably the garlic rosemary chicken from Olive Garden (roasted garlic is my weakness) or the falafel wrap from I Dream of Falafel (a spot in Chicago).
  8. Other (non-medical drama) TV shows I love are Gilmore Girls, Friday Night Lights, and Stranger Things. I’m also down to watching new shows, so leave your favorites in a comment!
  9. I am also a big sports fan. I’m a diehard Cubs fan, a college basketball enthusiast, and an overall sports watcher. The only sports I don’t watch are lacrosse and bowling (not my favorites… at all). I live for going to baseball games at Wrigley Field and college basketball is just so thrilling (especially when your college’s team is pretty darn good).
  10. I am a chronic list maker and notebook hoarder. Currently, I have five different notebooks and writing pads on my desk and I make at least two lists every day. I just feel so much more accomplished when I cross something off of my to do list.
  11. I also love planners and planning. (Hello, type A personality here) I have at least three planners: a big planner that sits on my desk at school, a smaller notebook that I use to keep track of my activities/assignments/classes/any other school stuff, and a planner/ journal for my health and fitness journey. (I will probably share a look inside my fitness journal soon, so stay tuned for that!)