Protein Hot Chocolate

One thing you should know about me is that I love hot chocolate. The minute the peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks comes back into season, I cry and then go to the nearest store and buy a grande. I just can’t help myself.

You know how Superman’s weakness is  kryptonite? Well, my weakness is hot chocolate.

If there’s a cup of hot chocolate in a 100 yard radius, I’m going to drink it. The only problem is that it is filled with sugar and will often leave me feeling exhausted (and in a slight sugar haze for a few hours).

So, to combat my insane desire for hot chocolate during the winter months, I have come up with a delicious and healthy hot chocolate (with a good amount of protein). It’s chocolatey, delicious, and you can make it without added sugars (yay for no sugar haze!).

So, after your next workout, grab some protein powder and whip this up for a nice post-workout recovery drink or make it late night when you want a good cup of hot chocolate that doesn’t leave you crashing.

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