Avocardio Addict’s Guide To Chicago

Why hello there, my lovely friends! So, as you may know, I’m living in the city now and have been testing the waters of Chicago’s food industry– and I have to say that Chicago has some bomb food spots sprinkled throughout. And, since I’m in the spirit of giving, I decided to share my current guide to Chicago. I have included a few different spots (seven of them to be exact) that have made me want to spend all of my money at all of these places.

For this guide, I did a mix of healthy and “treat yo self” spots because I can’t resist an Ann Sather cinnamon roll (literally the best cinnamon rolls I have ever had). But, I will come out with another guide with all healthy spots that I love, so stay on the look out for that! 

So, without further ado, let’s get into my favorite spots in Chicago:

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Affordable Workout Clothes For My Fellow Broke College Students

Fun fact: I’m a broke college student. I don’t have all the money in the world to just go to Lululemon on the regular and pick up a brand new pair of $98 leggings (but I do desperately wish I could tbh).  I am currently trying to save my money so that I can do one workout class a month and eat at some healthy restaurants.

So, being a broke college student AND a workout clothes enthusiast isn’t necessarily the best combo for me. (It’s actually a really dangerous combo that I don’t recommend any college student fall into because you have to eat too, my friends. Nourish yourselves!)

While my desire for new workout clothes seems to increase when I take a walk through the city and see all of the athlesiure, I went on a hunt for 15 affordable workout clothes (plus a bonus water bottle because this water bottle is so stinking cute that I just couldn’t resist) that were under inexpensive and actually cute (and functional, of course) because I needed to find a way to find cute activewear that isn’t making my bank account cry. This desire lead me to the Magnificent Mile (and to a Ghirardelli because who can’t resist the peppermint bark chocolate squares?) to check out some stores that I thought would have some affordable workout clothes.

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My Go-To HIIT Workout

For the longest time, I was scared of HIIT workouts. I can’t remember exactly what made me scared of them, but (for some very obscure reason) I was terrified of HIIT workouts. Whenever I was doing a workout calendar, I would skip over the HIIT workouts because I was scared.

I think I compared HIIT to Crossfit (which still scares me, but I’m looking into trying Crossfit some time in the near future). I think I thought HIIT was hard and scary and required a lot of strength (all of my strength is found in my right calf) that I didn’t necessarily have.

I just had a really irrational fear of HIIT.

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