Skincare Sunday: Lush Face Masks

So, as you can tell from my first Skincare Sunday blog post, I love going to trying out new skin and bath stuff from Lush and Sephora. I am a sucker for a good Lush fresh face mask. I love getting a little chunk of soap to lather up with in a shower. I love the fizzy bath bombs and the sweet smelling massage bars (especially when I’ve had a rough day that included three tests in three straight classes and a boatload of homework).

I just love everything about Lush. I love trying the cute seasonal products and always look forward to checking out what’s new. And, since I have tried a lot of face masks from Lush, I decided to make a little list of face masks that I would recommend.


(And, just so you know, all of the photos {and the Lush Logo} are all from the Lush website. Their photos are so stunning that I couldn’t just not use them. So, all credit to them for the awesome photos.)

Masks for Oily Skin:

The first mask I would recommend for oily-skinned people is the Cosmetic Warrior mask. This is great for oily and acne prone skin because the tea tree oil and garlic in this mask does wonders for your skin. I would caution you because it does have a pungent garlic smell… But, it still is great for acne prone skin (so I’d still give it a try). The other face mask I would recommend is the Cupcake mask. This is the exact opposite of the Cosmetic Warrior in terms of smell. Cupcake smells like a chocolatey and minty wonderland. This is great for oily skin because it just calms the skin with vanilla and Rhassoul mud really does something special to your skin.

Masks That Exfoliate:

For super dry skin that needs a little scrub, I would recommend both the Don’t Look At Me and Cup O’ Coffee face masks. The Don’t Look At Me mask is super lemony and has a super vibrant blue color. It also has little rice particles that are perfect for sloughing off dead skin. The Cup O’ Coffee mask is great because it smells like coffee and works just like a regular coffee scrub. It also have kaolin (a Chinese clay) that draws out impurities while the coffee scrubs the day away. These both leave your skin soft, smooth, and bright.

Masks That Soothe:

I know that some days you just need something to soothe your skin. When a scrub isn’t helping your dry skin, reach for the Rosy Cheeks or Oatifix masks. The Rosy Cheeks face mask was made for the rose scent lover. It is super calming because of the rose oil and other calming ingredients. It is a super smooth face masks that just glides on and moisturizes your skin while also drawing out dirt (because of the kaolin). Oatifix is also a quality face mask because it has mashed bananas and oats in it to help soften the skin. It also has sandalwood oil and glycerin to help keep your skin moisturized.

Other Masks I Love:

And, we’ve come to the random masks that I really liked but didn’t know what group to put it in. Two other Lush face masks that I thoroughly enjoy are the Mask of Magnaminty and Ayesha. The Mask of Magnaminty is a cult favorite because it is a tingly scrub that isn’t too abrasive or harsh but still does a good job at exfoliating the skin and getting it cleansed. It also soothes the skin AND helps with redness. It is like a super mask. The last mask I will talk about is the Ayesha mask. This mask is super unique because tightens up the skin while toning and giving you a nice fresh look. It is a nice pick me up for your skin because it makes it nice and bright.

So, those are my recommendations for Lush face masks. What is your favorite Lush Face Mask?

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